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JAMi focuses on Independent artists and labels back catalog and new releases. PROS with large catalogs to new artists distribute their music on JAMi. Audio Documents also extends deliveries to other services, physical media, product placement and more.

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Painless & Easy track download direct to your computer. All tracks are encoded at 320 Mp3 and highest metadata standards available. All content has been licensed directly from artists, labels or PRO's, so no ned to worry about rights. All licensing adheres to a strict profit share model.

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Catalog Administration

Audio Documents licenses content from Artists, Labels and PROS. All licenses are based on the JAMi profit share model. Licensees are paid quarterly based on a monthly total catalog percentage of available tracks licensed to Audio Documents per licensor (PRO). If your an Artists, Label or PRO and wish to license your catalog for JAMi please use the link below to inquire.

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